As  Consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the B-BBEE we always seek to make sure we derive  the best B-BBEE strategies that will make sure your business meets the required B-BBEE levels

  • Involves client awareness of their sector B-BBEE codes.
  • Understanding each element and what evidence and documentation is generally required for optimizing scores.
  • Advising what initiatives need to be implemented to maintain or improve a current B-BBEE level.


Very often businesses find themselves unable to compile documentation required by Rating Agencies to successfully complete the annual B-BBEE  verification audit. This often is a result of human resource constraints, time constraint or lack of theoretic know how of B-BBEE terminology to communicate effectively with the Rating Agency.

Our role as SBL B-BBEE Consulting is to make sure all the necessary documents required by the Rating Agency are compiled to the quickest and most understandable sequence.

  • Involves the appointment of SBL B-BBEE Consulting representative who has extensive knowledge regarding the B-BBEE legislation to help and assist in preparing for the annual B-BBEE verification and also assist with technical queries raised by the verification analyst.


It is common for a client to perform very well in other aspects of their business but find themselves rock bottom because of a Non- Compliant B-BBEE status either because of change in the business setup, loss in the track of B-BBEE compliance or a new amendment in the sector code to name a few.

SBL B-BBEE Consulting will assist you with initiatives that improve your scoring and that are customized for your business.

  • Involves the process of helping a client in improving their current B-BBEE Level which requires a medium to long term period.
  • Identifying elements which a client is lacking in and a detailed plan of action to be implemented for the agreed timeframe.
  • Periodic meeting with the client to make sure the agreed plan of actions are being implemented and correctly.